Customer Support

What We Do?

We fix every possible faulty phone basis the below mentioned work cycle strategy:

  • Checking the device carefully to identify the cause behind the problem.

  • Detailed discussion with the customer to understand things better.

  • Suggesting the time and cost of repair to the customer to get their approval or to share its worth.

  • Backing up data before beginning with repair to prevent loss of data, images, personal files & contacts.

  • Implementing the best solution.

  • Returning the phone at the earliest, in a hale & hearty state with up to 3 months applicable warranty on repair.

phone repair, cell phone repair, cheap cell phone repair
phone repair, cell phone repair, cheap cell phone repair

Our expertise covers the following services:

  • Hardware and Software Issues

  • Hardware Repair & Installations

  • Cracked and Broken Screen Replacements

  • Charging Issues, Charging Ports Repairs and Replacements

  • Mobile Phone Accessories Replacement

  • Camera Problem

  • Speaker or Mic Problems

Smartphone Repair Now At Your Doorstep

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